Ünlü Engineering Ltd was founded by Bünyamin ÜNLÜ (Mechanical Engineer) in 1982. Today our company is a pioneer in mechanical building services design sector with more than 35 years of experience. Our company is taking the role of the design and consultancy of the building mechanical systems to achieve energy efficient, comfortable, fire safe and certified (LEED, BREEAM, FM, vb.) buildings.



Ünlü Engineering, have designed lots of buildings with different functions, like; Luxury Hotels, Skyscrapers, Hygienic Surgery Rooms, Malls, Office Buildings, and Hospitals. In addition, the team is working on infrastructural projects like; transportation buildings, underground railway systems, airports and container ports.



Ünlü Engineering designs energy effective buildings considering first investment and operational costs according to the new technologies. Ünlü Engineering designs qualified and professional systems with young and dynamic staff.


Catalog of our company can be downloaded from here.